Windows Forensics Analysis — Windows Artifacts (Part II)

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LNK Files Forensics

“.lnk” files are windows shortcut files. That link or point to other files or executables for ease of access.

  • Timestamp of both the target and the “.lnk” file (Created, Modified, Accessed).
  • File Attributes (System, Hidden…etc.)
  • Details about the disk.
  • Remote or local execution.
  • MAC address of the machines.
  • Etc.

Jump Lists Forensics

Jump Lists are a windows feature introduced with Windows 7. They contain information about recently accessed applications and files.


Prefetch Files Forensics

Preftech Files are a very valuable set of artifacts for anyone doing forensics analysis. They contains a wealth of information about applications that have been run on a system such as

  • Application path
  • Last execution timestamp
  • Creation timestamp
  • Etc.


This conclude the second part of this series. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you learned something along the way.

  • Amcache
  • UserAssist
  • Shellbag

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