LOLBINed — CyberGhost VPN (PeLauncher.exe/Dashboard.exe)

CyberGhost VPN Logo



Source PeLauncher
Cyberghost Dashboard
  • Take any binary of your choosing and rename it “Dashboard.exe”.
  • Create two nested folders “A” and “B” and copy “PeLauncher.exe” inside.
  • Copy the fake “Dashboard.exe” two levels from where “PeLauncher” is located.
  • Execute the following command. (The arg is necessary to bypass the check seen in the source)
PeLauncher.exe [ARG]
  • Your binary will be executed as a child of “PeLauncher”. (Note your binary must know how to handle the “!!launch” and the argument you provide as they are hardcoded)
Signed PeLauncher


Dashboard.exe !!launch [PathToBinary]
Launching “calc.exe” via “Dashboard.exe”
Signed Dashboard




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