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Python and Python Internals

The first set of books I wanted to share are related to python and its internals. In my opinion they are great books to get you started and to deepen your understanding on the subject matter.


PowerShell holds a place near and dear to my heart, here is a little list of the books that I recommend that are completely free

Raspberry Pi

If you’re into the raspberry Pi like I am, here are a couple of resources to get you started and get some ideas and inspiration.

Machine Learning and Data Science

I find the field of machines learning and data science a very interesting one. The ideas that stems from machine learning projects is often reminiscent of the old Sci-Fi books that we read.

Microsoft Learn

This online platform provides an amazing resource of learning to everything related to Microsoft and windows, it touches on multiples subjects ranging from the office suite to the cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Programming Notes for Professionals books

This website provides books in notes like format. It covers multiple languages ranging from C and C++ to Bash, SQL, VBA, Java, Node…etc.

Kaggle — Learn Python, Data Viz, Pandas

The following website provide learning material in subjects like: Python, Machine learning, Pandas, SQL…etc.

Packt Free Learning

Packt is an amazing website that contains tons of books, most of them are not free and are quite expensive, but fortunately packt has a section called “Free Learning” that will give anyone who has an account a free daily book.

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